The Local Community

Sasol and Golder have held public consultation public meetings to gather feedback from the local community, the local fishermen and the tourist operators.

The consistent feedback from these meetings has been a resounding "NO" to this project.

One of the big frustrations from the communities is the lack of transparency and communication from Sasol and Golder around this project. This was voiced in the meeting in Vilankulo 23rd October 2019.

October 2019 Community Meetings

Vilankulo Oct 2019

Bazaruto Oct 2019

Benguerra Oct 2019

Quotes from the Community

"We all depend on the fish. If the government of Mozambique goes against us on this, we will die."

Joao Artur, Fisherman, Vilankulo, Oct 2019

“The Bazaruto's community so much complicated than anyone, All fishermen was there to say no for this project. Lot's of ladies was there cried, don't make any sense this project.

One of the good point is about the Crabs that was despaired last 6 years caused by the Sasol... and now when everything coming back to normal they coming with this shit. Anyway the meeting was good all community waked up.”

Fisherman, Vilankulo, Oct 2019